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Occupy Our Food Supply

It could be called Take Back Our Food Supply, but of course, the whole Occupy movement is  very much on minds these days, even if the press has mostly moved away from covering it. So we all should Occupy appropriately and take back what is rightfully ours: the right to safe, unmodified food that will keep us healthy.

The two links above will get you more information. There are no events in our area that are published on the official website, just one in Traverse City and one in Muskegon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something in support of the cause.

Stay away from big-box stores today – especially Walmart. They are part of the problem.

Buy something from a real farm in your area. For those of you in our area (Michigan counties of Genesee, Lapeer, Oakland, and nearby areas), this would be a good day to sign up at  CSA Farmers Market and put in your first order of local organic food. It’s easy and you don’t even have to pay until you pick up your order.

Join a local CSA – like the one at our farm in Flushing. Contact me at for more information.

Don’t eat anything from your at-home food supply with ingredients that may be genetically modified. (Hint – this is almost all processed foods that are not organic.)

Learn to cook and use local real food and leave the processed and ‘convenience’ foods behind. You’ll be happier and healthier in the long run. If you really don’t know how to find or use real food, start googling. There is a wealth of info out there. You can start at Sustainable Table and Local Harvest to find the farms and learn how to eat.

Time to Occupy Our Food Supply | Punk Domestics



Time to Occupy Our Food Supply

Submitted by Punk Domestics on Mon, 2012-02-27 09:34

If the Occupy Wall Street movement has resonated with you in any way, and if you eat food, then today is a day of action. Today, we Occupy Our Food Supply.

For the vast majority of Americans, nay the world, our food supply has been hijacked by just a handful of major corporations. As Anna Moore Lappé and Willie Nelson seriously, Willie Nelson,, write in an essay published on Huffington Post:

“Today, three companies process more than 70 percent of all U.S. beef: Tyson, Cargill, and JBS. More than 90 percent of soybean seeds and 80 percent of corn seeds used in the United States are sold by just one company: Monsanto. Four companies are responsible for up to 90 percent of the global trade in grain. And one in four food dollars is spent at Walmart.”

One of the major reasons I launched Punk Domestics was in direct defiance of this severely broken food system. I wanted to highlight the people out  there who were making a difference, even in the smallest ways, by sourcing their food ethically — or better yet, growing it themselves — and who were reclaiming the nearly lost art of food preservation and self-sufficiency. I believe that  every person who has contributed to Punk Domestics has made an impact, and is part of the solution. What do you do to reclaim your food supply? How do you take back what the food corporation juggernauts have taken from us?

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Civil Eats » Blog Archive » Corporate Lovebirds of the Mutant Corn

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Corporate Lovebirds of the Mutant Corn

February 14th, 2012  By Anna Ghosh

Today, some will feel the sting of cupid’s arrow and fill their days with red roses and chocolate hopefully fair trade and a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Other people call today Black Tuesday and will boycott all the hype and commercial schmaltz and stay home, maybe alone, eating leftovers. Still others will eschew people and proclaim their love of profit above all else. This is a love story about the latter category. Sure, we may not consider these two dollar-signs-in-their-eyes lovers people, but the Supreme Court does, so they deserve to couple up like the rest of us, right?
He’s a mad scientist who got rich producing chemical agents for war in his lab and is now trying to pawn off those old toxic chemicals as pesticides and herbicides and squeeze as much money as possible out of raindrops. He calls himself GE Seed King, but we know him as Monsanto.

She ran away from her small hometown in Arkansas to take over every suburb and rural town in America and is now setting her sights on urban centers and every country in the world. To her inner circle, she’s known as Big Box Mama, but to us, she’s Walmart.

Like other celebrity power couples these two have a gossip page on Facebook tracking their every move and informing anti-fans of their latest exploits. And, like TomKat and Brangelina before them, they even have their own portmanteau: Walsanto.

Food & Water Watch has created this fictional social media romance as part of its wider campaign to pressure Walmart to refuse to sell Monsanto’s GE sweet corn.

The couple met, like so many today, over the internet after they both decided to give Twitter a try. Monsanto took to the web seeking a retail “mate” to sell his latest science experiment, GE sweet corn, and make his next fortune. After being turned down by Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and General Mills, he set his eyes on industrial food darling, Walmart.

Though the relationship got off to a rocky start because of Monsanto’s seedy past, Walmart eventually warmed up to her suitor after she saw the size of his bank account and his potential to make her even richer. Today, the couple plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a lab-made GE dinner prepared by Monsanto and maybe a few corny poems and Valentine’s Day cards.

Curious to see how this sordid affair will play out? You’re in luck: Walsanto Watch is your No. 1 source for the play-by-play for the relationship, publishing paparazzi photos of the two together, analyzing their Twitter discourse and letting us poke fun at their ruthlessness.

It seems as though Walmart and Monsanto are on their way to a horror-storybook ending with Monsanto’s untested, unlabeled and potentially unhealthy GE sweet corn on Walmart’s shelves everywhere, which is really bad news for consumers. Fortunately, they haven’t tied the knot yet and there’s still time to break up this diabolical duo. You can help stop this match made in hell by:

Signing and sharing the petition

Liking and sharing the Walsanto Watch page on Facebook

Calling the Walmart customer service line and asking them to reject GE sweet corn

Signing up to get involved in your community and learn about upcoming store actions

Tweet about @geseedking and @bigboxmama using the #walsanto hashtag

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, Food & Water Watch hopes you’ll choose love of workers, farmers, the environment and consumer health over Walsanto’s love of profit and sign the petition and follow the misadventures of this titan corporate twosome.

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Upcoming Bread Classes at Westwind!

 Upcoming Bread Classes at Westwind! 

Upcoming Bread Classes at Westwind!

 Hi All,

Now that the Meijer’s order is done, we are settling in to have fun with bread classes.  I love being in our cozy kitchen creating wonderful fresh breads with people. Out the window might be cold (not so much lately…) but inside, it’s soft dough, a warm oven, and getting to know great people!    We go over the basics and squash all the intimidating things people have heard about baking bread.  Each person takes home two, 2 lb loaves of the bread we are making that day, in addition to recipes for each one, and lots of great info on local and organic foods.  We also include a Mill Tour to see the entire process of where the bread comes from, which we do while the bread is rising and baking.  If weather doesn’t permit, we’ll reschedule any class we have to cancel.  Be sure to schedule soon, as it is first reserved, first served.

Saturday, March 10,  from 1-4 pmMarbled Rye and Rustic French.  Learn several variations that result in highly different and delicious breads, all in one class!  Cost is $20 each, payment due by March 5.

Sunday, March 25, from 1-4 pmMore GLUTEN FREE Baking with Jody!  You’ll be baking 2 different  breads and a sweet treat, with recipes to take home.  Jody also has a q & a/ discussion period with a variety of wonderful gluten free treats to taste. Cost for this class is $30 each, with payment due on March 19.

Saturday, March 31. from 1-4 pmSpelt Cinnamon Rolls and Sourdough bread.  Take home sourdough starter, too, and enjoy the softness of spelt in your gooey cinnamon rolls!  Cost is $20 each, payment is due March 26.
Hope to see lots of you who we’ve met before, and lots of new faces, as well!

Linda and Lee
(810) 735-9192

Organic Food from local small farms

Yes, it is possible to purchase locally grown organic food all year in Genesee, Lapeer and Oakland counties in Michigan. Yes, even in winter.

CSA Farmers Market is an on-line farmers market that our farm (Whetham Organic Farm in Flushing) is part of. It is not several years old and going really well. It was an email system originally, but then we found a network  ( that let us use their software for our own online market.

Farms that are part of this market are either Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, or working towards one of these. Each farm has a profile on the site and lists its own products. You can see photos of some of the farms, and photos of the products, too.  During the growing season there are many vegetables available , but obviously a lot less during the winter. But we also have  flours, meals, cereals, baked goods, honey, maple syrup and many other products available all year. There is some out-of-season production currently but we expect more each year as member farms put up hoophouses for season extension.

Unlike a traditional CSA where the farmer decides what you get each week, CSA Farmers Market let you order what you want – as much or as little – as frequently or as seldom as you like. Choose a pickup location that is convenient for you and pay for your order when you pick it up.

How much easier can it get? Check this wonderful market out and plan to support real local organic farms all year.

CSA Farmers Market —

Who we are

CSA Farmers Market is a group of small family owned and operated growers and producers from Southeast Michigan.

Some of us are Certified Organic, some Certified Naturally Grown, all of us use organic practices.

We work together to provide easier access for customers to receive local organic food.

We harvest fresh and deliver orders to many locations in Lapeer, Genesee & Oakland County.

What we are

An easy way to get your choice of local organic food.

An easy way to eat healthier and support local Michigan farms.

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What are you eating?

Is your diet all organic? If not, you are eating Genetically Modified Organisms(otherwise known as GMO’s)!

If any food you eat contains ingredients produced from corn, soybeans, canola or cotton, it was likely sourced from genetically modified forms of those crops. Most of the GMO’s currently in use are so-called Round Up Ready crops. Use of the once non-selective herbicide Round Up have increased dramatically since these crops were introduced. Monsanto (maker of Round Up) wants you to believe there is no harm in the herbicide, that it does not cause any health problems in humans or livestock, that it has no detrimental effects on the environment. Don’t believe them. Inform yourself!

The Institute for Responsible Technology is a good site to link with on a regular basis. Check it out for further information.