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Time to Occupy Our Food Supply

Submitted by Punk Domestics on Mon, 2012-02-27 09:34

If the Occupy Wall Street movement has resonated with you in any way, and if you eat food, then today is a day of action. Today, we Occupy Our Food Supply.

For the vast majority of Americans, nay the world, our food supply has been hijacked by just a handful of major corporations. As Anna Moore Lappé and Willie Nelson seriously, Willie Nelson,, write in an essay published on Huffington Post:

“Today, three companies process more than 70 percent of all U.S. beef: Tyson, Cargill, and JBS. More than 90 percent of soybean seeds and 80 percent of corn seeds used in the United States are sold by just one company: Monsanto. Four companies are responsible for up to 90 percent of the global trade in grain. And one in four food dollars is spent at Walmart.”

One of the major reasons I launched Punk Domestics was in direct defiance of this severely broken food system. I wanted to highlight the people out  there who were making a difference, even in the smallest ways, by sourcing their food ethically — or better yet, growing it themselves — and who were reclaiming the nearly lost art of food preservation and self-sufficiency. I believe that  every person who has contributed to Punk Domestics has made an impact, and is part of the solution. What do you do to reclaim your food supply? How do you take back what the food corporation juggernauts have taken from us?

via Time to Occupy Our Food Supply | Punk Domestics.

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