Community Supported Agriculture

Whetham Organic Farm, Inc
Community Supported Agriculture

Know where your food comes from!

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is an ideal way to be certain that your food is grown in an environmentally and socially conscious way. And being involved with a local farm helps insure that agriculture remains a part of your area, keeping food production local rather than long distance or international.

 Why choose Whetham Organic Farm?

▸ Our farm is inspected and reviewed each year by Organic Crop Improvement Association; both field crops, vegetables and transplants for sale are certified organic
▸ We have extensive experience growing over a long season – spring through fall – and a wide range of vegetables. Our farming & gardening experience encompasses more than 35 years.
▸ A cookbook with vegetable recipes is part of every new share. Weekly email updates share tips on use of the vegetables.
▸ A new Sampler Share has been added for 2012 – an every other week ½ share
▸ Both half and full shares available. Share prices range vary with size.
▸ For more information call 810-867- 4435 or email

The environmental benefits of organic farming are well known – no pesticides, appropriate use of non-renewable resources, recycling of garden waste. Whetham Organic Farm goes a few steps beyond that. We use as little plastic as possible – by growing in soil blocks in re-usable flats rather than plastic packs (and the packs and common flats that we do use are re-used until they fall apart) and by not using plastic mulch films in our gardens. We also use less fuel by doing much of our cultivation and weed control by hand and by using mulch.

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Otherwise known as CSA, traditional Community Supported Agriculture programs are a way for families looking for better foods closer to home to purchase a share of the harvest of a local family farm. For farmers, CSA is a way to connect with the people who eat the produce of their farm. For us, we wanted to know the families that were eating the things we grew, rather than sending our lovingly grown veggies off to markets in distant cities.

Eating from the harvest of a nearby family farm was once a fact of life for those who did not grow their own vegetables and fruits. But today it is not unusual to eat the harvest of farms thousands of miles away that are neither family owned nor family managed (otherwise known as corporate farms). The international marketplace of our American supermarkets has led us to expect that any food will be available at any time of year, regardless of the season. This has taken away the joy once felt in the first fruits and the most perishable of foods.

Our farm has been certified organic for a long time (since 1988) and we’ve produced soybeans and spelt that have been shipped to other continents. While the extra money we’ve been paid for those organic crops has been good and has enabled us to continue farming in a political and social climate that does not value farmland, farming or farmers, it is not satisfying on a deep level nor is it sustainable to ship food crops great distances.

We believe in local food: grow it here; eat it as near here as possible; sustain the farm and its family; nourish the families that eat from our bounty. This belief led us to Community Supported Agriculture.

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